In a special meeting of senior Police Officers called and chaired by the Chief Minister of Sikkim in Samman Bhawan on 09.08.2017, it was proposed to equip all Fire Fighters of Sikkim Fire & Emergency Service with personal protection gear. The logic behind this is that the Fire Fighters cannot save others if they are not safe themselves. And like personal uniform articles, the personal protective equipment cannot be shared with the others; they are non-transferrable items and all Fire Fighters need to have their own set of equipment. Currently we do not have even a single fire suit in the entire force.  The rationale and need was accepted by the Chief Minister and he approved the suggestion of releasing necessary resource for this purpose in the supplementary grant of the current financial year. If that happens, the purchase order will be given by the end of this year and all Fire Fighters will have head-to-toe protection early next year. Amen!